Melanie Fischer

Kindergarten Teacher

About Me

  • born in Schmalkalden/Thüringen and raised in Hessen
  • 2009-2011: Training as a state-approved social assistant
  • 2012: Advanced technical college entrance qualification in the field of social services
  • 20018 B.A in Social Work/ Social Pedagogy at the TH Köln
  • With the BilinGOlinos since February 2019

My Courses

I run the German Preschool. Twice a week I teach the children math and German in a playful way. My focus is on letters and numbers to prepare them for the upcoming primary school years. Of course, the preschool does not only take place through “frotales” learning, but I also offer the children practical learning experiences time and again. In this way the children get to know their environment and the tasks of everyday life