Priya Dey

Deputy Head of Kindergarten, Group Leader Bumblebees

About Me

  • born and brought up in India
  • 1998 Bachelor of English (Honours) – Delhi University
  • 2001 Masters of Business Administration at EMPI Business School
  • 2009 Bachelor of Education at MD Universitiy
  • 2011 Masters in English Literature – MD Universitiy
  • worked as a kindergarten and Primary school teacher in Delhi for 7 years
  • Working for BilinGOlinos since 2016
  • Groupleader of the Bumblebees
  • Deputy Head of the Kindergarten

My Courses

I am leading the English PreSchool. Twice a week I prepare the children in English and mathematics for the upcoming primary school. Through my many years of experience in teaching, I am able to adapt to the needs of the children.