Our KiTa is located at Stolberger Straße 311 in Cologne-Braunsfeld and is directly connected to BilinGO Grundschule. The KiTa is very central and is well connected to public transport.

Two bright and modern arranged group rooms are available to the children, as well as a large long corridor which offers plenty of space for playing, and much more.

The group rooms are separated so that the separated part of the room can serve as a sanctuary for the children. The quiet area offers plenty of space to read and relax.

We have another small room right next to the KiTa office. In the morning and in the afternoon, learning activities such as the DaZ (German-as-Second Language), Little Learners and House of the Little Researchers take place in this room.

Our pre-school room is located on the second floor. The child-friendly furnishing and equipment ensures the best learning atmosphere.

The motor development of the children is further promoted in our sport hall, with two dressing rooms. Once a week, our American sports instructor Michael Davis provides a physical education lesson for each group.

It goes without saying that each child has a separate compartment for storing clothes, sports gear, etc. next to the wardrobe.
In our modern kitchen, the lunch is prepared, delivered by a catering service Landbrenner.