Language is our most important communication tool. Language education therefore runs like a golden thread through our pedagogical concept.

Immersive instruction means “language bath”. The new language is the colloquial and working language. In the beginning everything is reinforced and explained by means of displaying and pictures. Grammar and vocabulary are not an issue. The children learn the language automatically. First they understand, then they begin to speak bit by bit – all in a playful manner. The language is introduced without pressure. Children lose their shyness and use the new language joyfully. Immersion is very close to the way how children learn a language naturally. They do not have to have full command of one language before they learn a new one. It is only important that the mother tongue is developed age-appropriately by continuous use at home.

According to the principle “one language –one person” our native speakers only speak English and the German teachers only speak German. The children can ask questions either in German or in English but will receive an answer only in the language which the individual teacher speaks.

We offer activities which challenge the children’s talents and further increase their knowledge. Finger games, rhymes, singing during the morning circle, projects and reading out complement the learning processes.

Immersion offers a smooth start into BilinGOlinos for all children without any command of English and / or German. They easily make friends with the other group members and soon begin to communicate with the teachers.