Science Week

We had a great science week!

Our Science Week is a week full of experiments, organized once a year by our teachers. The children had so much of fun testing out the experiments!

The theme of the week was the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Together with the teachers and parents who actively supported us this week, we were able to conduct great experiments. Altogether there were four different stations. For each element, the teachers set up various experiments that the children could carry out with help from parents and teachers. Some children were amazed when, for example, when our tea bag rocket launched into the air. When our homemade volcano made of soda, vinegar and food colouring erupted, the enthusiasm could be seen in the children’s eyes.

Furthermore we pressed our own fossils into clay, planted seeds, launched rockets, built lava lamps, made CDs dance, produced layers of earth, learned that heat rises upwards and much more. Our experiments were very versatile and there was something for everyone – whether small or large. After this very educational week, we are now heading into a more relaxed program during the Easter holidays. But we are already looking forward to the next Science Week in the coming year!

Many thanks to all helping parents for collecting materials and supporting the experiments!

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