Trip – Preschoolers and Year 1

Together with the two 1st grade classes, the pre-school children had a wonderful excursion to the Bubenheimer Spieleland in the Eifel.
It was an exciting day and we experienced so much. The excursion was meant to help the preschool and primary school children play together and get to know each other better. There was so much to discover! Most of the time we were outdoors, because it was huge! There was a big climbing frame, lots of trampolines, huge bouncy cushions, mat slides, a climbing spider and a water slide. We didn’t know where to play first! But one thing was clear to us from the beginning: We wouldn’t get bored! In the morning it was still a little chilly when we arrived with the big coach. Later, luckily, the sun came out and after a small breakfast at the picnic tables, the fun could finally begin. The teachers had at least as much fun as the children!